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October; From the Latin word octo "eight," because this had been the eighth month of the early Roman calendar.
September Feature Chefs

Chef Tracy Chang

From birth, Tracy Chang had a legacy laid out for her. With cooking in her blood, Chang applied to be a host at mod omakase den O Ya—the first restaurant behind James Beard Award-winning restaurateurs Tim and Nancy Cushman—while studying finance at Boston College. Instead of working the host stand, Chang became a stagiaire and after one month, moved on to prep to line to pastry cook. After graduating in 2009, Chang moved to Paris to study patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu and stage with MOF Pâtissier Nicolas Bernardé. In 2011, she received a scholarship to cook at three-Michelin-star Restaurante Martin Berasategui in San Sebastian, Spain. Chang became the “mano derecha” to Berasategui, travelling the world, managing public relations for the chef. In 2012, she returned to Boston, Chang became a teaching fellow within Harvard University’s Science and Cooking program. She went on to open her own brick and mortar in Cambridge in 2015. Pagu, a name derived from the Japanese translation of “pug,” is her translation of a soulful Japanese-Spanish restaurant, cafe, and bakery. In 2020, Chang was a semifinalist for James Beard’s “Best Chef: Northeast.” In the wake of the pandemic, she co-founded two nonprofits: Off Their Plate, which serves frontline healthcare workers in nine cities nationwide and provides economic relief to restaurant workers; and Project Restore Us, providing the families of essential workers in low income, high COVID areas with groceries packed by restaurants.  
Squid & Oysters
PAGU Restaurant
Biang Biang Noodles
Hand Pulled, black vinegar, soy, sesame, thai chili, umami oil, roasted pork, scallion.
PAGU Restaurant
Guchi's Midnight Ramen
6 minute soy egg, rita;s pork, umami oil, nori.
MIDA Restaurant
Chicken Katsu
Panko-breaded crispy chicken thigh, jasmine rice, XO bok choy.
PAGU Restaurant

Chef Tracy in action

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Ways to Get Vitamin "D"

7 ways to reduce stress and keep blood pressure down

Local Culinary News

The Turkish Food Exporter Commission and UNLV is holding a series of cooking event, executed by many Las Vegas Professional Chefs. Meet the World’s #1 producers of Mediterranean Sea Bass, Royal Sea Bass, Sea Bream and Bluefin Tuna. Join Chef Noe Banuelos and come see, learn, and taste at UNLV’s state-of-the-art kitchen on Wednesday, October 14th at 9a. Seating is limited. To RSVP, please email to florelee@vegasfoodproject.com

Chef Michelle Vietmeier. Click on the image to watch Chef Michelle in action
Nevada Restaurant Association
Coffee & Causes: "Operating A Restaurant During A Pandemic" Friday, October 9, 2020 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM

We’ll be sitting down with some of Nevada’s prominent restaurateurs, as we talk about the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has had on their businesses. They’ll share what they have been doing to adapt to these unprecedented times and what they think the future of restaurants will look like over the next few years.

Click here to register for this event

Coronavirus; what we can do.

Notes from a Purchases Pro by Robert Dennerlein.

    I am excited to post my first article, on Purchasing for Profit. It is my desire that the articles published in Purchasing for Profit will assist the industry with practical wisdom and best practices I put to use over the past 40 years of my purchasing career. This months’ article is entitled “Vendor/Supplier Relations”.The relationship between vendor and purchasing is critical and one that sets the stage for a win-win situation for both food service operator and purveyor.

    Purchasing is not a game that pits the buyer against the purveyor. A relationship that promotes adversarial posturing should be avoided for 2 simple reasons. It is costly, and no one wins. On the flip side of the coin a relationship that encourages mutual trust and honesty sets up your operation for success.

    In purchasing, some main objectives are:
    1. Purchase the best possible product that fulfills your requirements at the lowest price.
    2. Ensure adequate quantities of product are on hand.
    3. Maintain investment and inventory at a minimum.
    4. It has always been my philosophy that a vendors’ main responsibility is to make the purchasing department/process more efficient and profitable. 

     Robert Dennerlein, Robert is a Past President of the Las Vegas Branch many years ago, and has recently rejoined IFSEA.  Welcome back Robert and thank you for allowing us to publish this edited article.  He wrote this article for another new IFSEA member, Chef Lucio Arancibia, who does a monthly newsletter.  He is also in process in writing a purchasing book with  Ed Manley who will coordinate to create a purchasing certification program from the book.

    Food for Thought

    Stop Eating Pesticides

    Use CR’s exclusive ratings to get the health benefits from fruits and vegetables while minimizing your risk from toxic chemicals

    Sinking your teeth into a crisp apple or chomping on a stalk of celery is something you should be able to do without thinking. After all, the best nutritional science shows that eating a variety of fruits and vegetables—and plenty of them—is a crucial component of good health. But produce sometimes comes with potentially harmful pesticide levels.

    Click here for more information;Pesticides on Food  

    The Power of Cumin

    Cumin has many evidence-based health benefits. Some of these have been known since ancient times, while others are only just being discovered. Using cumin as a spice increases antioxidant intake, promotes digestion, provides iron, may improve blood sugar control and may reduce food-borne illnesses. I personally prefer to use cumin in cooking rather than as a supplement. This way, I take advantage of the 10th benefit of cumin — it’s delicious .

    A trend that should be re-introduced in the Workplace

    Your Business and your community can benefit from volunteers…taking your team out of the office to volunteer in the community.

    For more related reading, please click here*

    Success - Make a difference!

    You will only be remembered for one of two things; the problems you solve or the ones you create. Abraham Lincoln made a difference that changed the world forever, but so did Hitler, both men equally remembered. But for which problems do you want to be remembered? The ones you solved or the ones you created? Focus on making a difference. You don’t have to emancipate a race of people or attempt to exterminate on in order to be remembered for making a difference.
    Darren Hardy also doesn’t believe that making a difference is just something you do only when you reach the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid or when you volunteer at the local soup kitchen. He says he believes you are always making a difference everyday and every moment. As soon as you walk out the front door and begin mixing with the environment and the rest of humanity you become a coz to a series of ripple affects that will forever effect the direction, trajectory and experience of much of the rest of the world. Your impact will either be problem solving or problem creating. Your former boss, colleague, college roommate, old neighbor, past love relationship, childhood friend, high school math teacher, etc. The memories of these people are either filled with the problems solved or problems created for you. They helped you, improved you or caused you grief and brought you down.

    * More information and continued reading from Darren Hardy Success Mentor from Success Magazine at Darrenhardy.com “ Be the exception.

    Toni Ali/HR Expert

    A helpful sheet for accuracy in recipe costing/ click below



    Recipe provided by Chef Raymond Bar CEC-CCE-ACE 

    Cheese Fondue

    Scampi refers to shrimp that are split Grated Gruyere cheese 12.5 oz Grated Emmental cheese 12.5 oz. Minced fresh garlic 1 Tsp. Dry white wine 14 fl. oz. Kirsch 2 fl. oz. Corn Starch 1 oz. Freshly ground white pepper to taste Fresh Nutmeg (optional) to taste French bread stale cut into 1 in. cubes . 20 oz.


    1- Rub the inside of an earthen ware fondue dish with garlic. Pour add the wine and bring it to almost a simmer. 2- Add both cheeses, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, When the mixture almost reach the simmering point, the cheeses should be all melted. 3- Mix the Kirshwasser and the cornstarch together and add it to the cheeses while continuing stirring. Add the pepper and Nutmeg . 4- Transfer the fondue pot to a spirit burner which can be regulated. 5- Serve the bread separately. Using a fondue fork, dip bread into the fondue. 6- Remember to stir the cheese fondue with each piece. It should be kept at simmering point while eating. When done turn off the eat immediately to avoid it to burn. Serve o Yield 3.5lbs/ 4 portion size 15 oz. / Calories per serving: 1241.74 The Nutrition Facts for this Recipe was done utilizing the INFOODSYS Recipe App.

    Enjoy it!! / any question, please send us an email at Clearpath@infoodsys.net
    Think Positively (Leadership)

    Leaders can build accountability by spelling out what’s expected from employees in terms of results and behaviors, monitoring progress daily and applying positive and negative consequences based on outcomes, says S. Chris Edmonds. “Without consequences, clear agreements and monitoring do not ensure either results or respect,” he says.

    Click the image below to watch Leadership Guru, Chris Edmonds
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    2020 Culinary Forecast

    Do you have the skills to make a great coach?

    1. Hire the right fit for your open position
    2. Allowing this new employee(s) to adjust to your company culture
    3. Seeing their potential
    4. Begin grooming them to take positions that are higher than yours in the industry
    5. Be open to their ideas

    Quotes that will help you stay ahead of the game.

    Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Louis Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein.

    Telling people what we think of their performance doesn’t help them thrive and excel, and telling people how we think they should improve, actually hinders learning. “

    Lead On!

    Perspective Theories of Leadership

    Participative Theories of Leadership are considered by some to be an ideal style of leadership because they consider input from others. Leaders utilizing this type of theory tend to encourage both contributions and active participation from other group members. In turn, this allows the other group members to feel more relevant and committed to the direction the leader has chosen to go. The only real caveat here is that the leader maintains the right of what input to allow from the other group members.

    For more information regarding the Participative Theories please visit: Behavioral Leadership

    It has been my observation, over the years, that many leaders rank low on empathy. They understand it intellectually, they just don’t pay enough attention, ask the right questions or comprehend that it is not just about what your colleagues think, but about how they feel. To be an effective leader you need to do more than just manage the bottom line and watch the numbers like a hawk. Obviously that may be necessary, but so is offering suggestions, being supportive, being a source of creative ideas, helping your people think through their roles and helping them make the best use of their time. In fact, that is precisely what the best leaders do.

    Patrick J. McKenna

    As you think about how you exhibit genuine empathy here are five questions for you to contemplate. For more information visit: patrickmckenna.com

    ACF Culinary Corner

    Form the American Culinary Federation, your chance to create spectacular dishes and contribute with inspirational new ideas.

    Click below for more information:

    The 2016 Menus of Change Annual Report was released at the fourth annual Menus of Change leadership summit on June 14. It includes an analysis of issues at the convergence of public health, the environment, and the business of food, plus and updated Dashboard of how the food and foodservice industries have progressed—or not—since last year’s report was issued.

    The World Culinary Arts Video Series
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    La Finestra: Trends Spotting

    Just like fashion, food trends come and go in the blink of an eye. Every year, we see a rise in these fads that inevitably affect the way we eat and plan our meals. From superfoods to juice cleanses, the modern dining pattern has undeniably been influenced by the presence of a health-conscious effort, which we see continuing into 2020.

    Learn more 2020 Food trends according Chefs

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    If you’re feeling forgetful, it could be due to a lack of sleep or a number of other reasons, including genetics, level of physical activity and lifestyle and environmental factors. However, there’s no doubt that diet plays a major role in brain health.

    The best menu for boosting memory and brain function encourages good blood flow to the brain — much like what you’d eat to nourish and protect your heart. Research found the Mediterranean Diet helps keep aging brains sharp, and a growing body of evidence links foods such as those in the Mediterranean diet with better cognitive function, memory and alertness

    Learn more by visiting: Types of Foods to Help Boost Your Memory

    Meeting the Demand for Safe, Natural Products

    Lately, while shopping at my local grocery store, I have noticed the increasing number of food products marketed as organic or preservative-free. More and more, consumers are demanding green labels and ingredient lists they can understand. Yet food safety — preventing food spoilage and contamination from microbial pathogens — must remain a top priority for food producers. The food safety industry faces many challenges if it is to transition away from the use of refined chemicals toward more label-friendly preservatives.

    By Suzanne Osborne, PhD
    Wednesday, 30 April 2014

    Kale is one of the cruciferous vegetables, cancer fighters full of fiber and antioxidants. great addition to salads or you can bake it with a spritz of extra virgin-olive oil and sea salt for a crispy potato chip alternative.

    Hail to the Kale!!
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    2020 Culinary Forecast
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    Nutrition, Eat Better

    Salt, Consuming the right amount, Most Americans consume more sodium than is good for their health, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Learn more!

    8 Tips For Avoiding Gluten Cross Contamination – PrimoHealthCoach

    ▪ Oils that have been used to deep fry battered foods will contaminate foods like French fries. Use separate oils, and ask the chef when dining out if the same oil is used for battered foods.

    ▪ Cutlery, utensils and potsand pans must be thoroughly cleaned before cooking gluten-free to avoid cross-contamination.

    ▪ Toasters and ovens that have been used for glutenous breads can contaminate gluten-free breads. At home try to keep two separate toasters.

    ▪ Grills and barbecues can easily cross-contaminate foods if not properly cleaned. Many sauces used to barbecue have gluten.

    ▪ Sifters used for both glutenous and gluten-free flours will cross-contaminate. At home if you use both types of flour, keep separate properly labeled sifters.

    ▪ Your mayonnaise, peanut butter jar, jams and jellies are easily contaminated when making sandwiches.

    ▪ Glutenous flours have a tendency to stay airborne for some time after use. Cooking in a kitchen shortly after preparing foods with glutenous flours is risky for the sensitive person. Because of this I find it very hard to believe that you can get a truly gluten-free pizza from a pizza restaurant that makes regular pizza as well.

    ▪ Any foods not prepared in a gluten-free facility, including your own home, runs the risk of getting cross-contaminated.


    Avocado oil; this silky fruit oil helps fight joint condition and promoted soft skin.

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